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RT @Strangethink23: It's not like you will be hunting replicants or anything. (YOU WILL TOTALLY BE HUNTING REPLICANTS) #gamedev http://t.co…

Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone http://t.co/sD2pgNNxoa I want this implemented now!

Is That Really A Snake Eating A Guy On The Alfa Logo? http://t.co/ZDQxH1BPu5 Mystery Solved

@toastedkp @ThomasNoppers nice work!

RT @KrisJet: @mandarinx @IE @Microsoft @impactjs I would recommend this talk for the team who made this game: https://t.co/UfVfDXWoYs Serio…

Blab Builds The Conversation Graph http://t.co/CpzkAygV1A Good to see they are trying to do something different

RT @EpicSciencePorn: I was gonna tell a joke about Sodium, but Na.

RT @CorySchmitz: Set of posters for Puzzlejuice, Threes!, & Close Castles. http://t.co/mG3Bdxj614 / http://t.co/vkONquuEOU / http://t.co/0O…

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