These Beautiful Bowls And Clocks Were Once Volcanic Lava

My prediction: it won't be called an iwatch, but they will repurpose the iPod name, a la Microsoft with the surface brand

RT @slicknet: Facebook started as a way for college kids to hook up. I suppose its transition into global baby photo album was, in hindsigh…

Lets hope #badu covers the Lego Movie song #everythingisawesome You know you want to!

Hey .@fatbellybella can you #callmemaybe like .@carlyraejepsen would?

#badu does black eyed peas really belong at a .@fatbellybella concert?

.@fatbellybella say hi to James Poyser for me next time you see him and get him to Sydney #badu

How my app got 455K users in the first week: via @alexcican

RT @ALeague: NEWS | Crowds surge on eve of #ALeagueFinals - Thanks for helping us pass the 13k average crowd figure …

@lyntonmanuel seems like such a simple solution that makes so much sense in hindsight.

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