RT @Arsenal: .@KieranGibbs is determined to repay Arsene Wenger's faith in him - starting tomorrow night: http://t.co/iTKN2YVSiW http://t.c…

CausalImpact: Google Open Sources R Package to Determine if Your Campaign Made an Impact. Get your data team on it http://t.co/65FE9b8Nh8

Aussie Tower Is Like A Subdivision In The Sky http://t.co/6tcpK2RNPo This would be a pretty awesome site on a clear summer day

RT @theowaern: Doing some more #TJD3 random enviro-sketching. :D Have no idea if this is something we'll wind up using... #indiedev http://…

Using Machine Learning and NodeJS to detect the gender of Instagram Users http://t.co/2LY3JoFl5I There is a demo you can try!

RT @Str8beatbox: New final fantasy screenshots look dope http://t.co/tDWGUVXa0s

This Business Suit Onesie Is Ingenious Laziness In Clothing Form http://t.co/l73WS2a0LT

@bmn @geoffreyfowler who knows but I definitely want to give it a go for at least one day. What is the worst that could happen?

RT @geoffreyfowler: If you're serious about productivity, it's time to consider a Hamster Wheel Standing Desk: http://t.co/q7veTeEKlZ http…

http://t.co/6yQaoPpFSZ Pay people what they are worth, an emotional cartoon

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