RT @killscreen: Future-hell in the year 199X. http://t.co/gZ3wewFmP5 http://t.co/OCtttIZGIY

@FiftyThree hey guys, my pencil no longer erases when I turn it upside down even when sync'd. Any suggestions?

@DALEYmusic would be awesome if you could head down to Australia. Or have I already missed the tour?

RT @jamestuckerman: ANTHILL TV: An invisible umbrella raises $100,000 on Kickstarter [VIDEO] http://t.co/xH9tof733l

RT @codepo8: That should make things clearer. http://t.co/fgh2F4wZzK

Google Consumer Barometer Expands Retail Data http://t.co/16VVOZnEgu

Running Code Reviews with Confidence http://t.co/OJXD7k1mXm - Great start for any team, any size.

A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy You’re Probably Not Using – Take It! http://t.co/Oz6QkGqbBO - Use forums and groups to leverage.

Ikea's New Desk Goes From Sitting To Standing With The Push Of A Button http://t.co/wuD8ON0TI4 - Perfect, when can we get it in AU?

For top ecommerce sites, mobile web performance is wildly inconsistent http://t.co/HMtNKiwJY6 - Make sure you are considering all aspects

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