The iPhones 6/Plus

First things first: this is not a review of the new products, but just an observation after playing with both over the last couple of weeks.

The reason why I got to use both devices in tandem was due to launching a new mobile website at work and we had to perform UAT on the latest Apple devices. And whilst every website/journalist/pundit has given their thoughts on them, I thought I could do it in a nice and succinct way that might shed some light for those that are still undecided:

The iPhone 6 is the better phone, but the 6 Plus is the better device.

I am one of the few left in the population that still think a traditional phone call is easier and faster than a constant text stream of 160 or less characters, whilst installing/remembering which messaging service each person uses across my phonebook.

It is because of that reason that the 6 Plus is just too impractical as an everyday phone for me because it is just too big for that particular function. Holding it to your head is definitely comical at best, and for whipping it out and calling someone on the run as you make it to the next meeting room is not possible because it is a two handed device - no matter what anyone says.

In saying all of that though, the iPhone 6 will not replace my tablet. The screen is just too small for playing games, reading books, and watching video. I do all of these things on my current smartphone, but because it is the only device I have with me most of the time that allows me to consume entertainment no matter what time, day or place. If I had an iPhone 6 Plus, not only would it fulfil the same requirements, but it would be a pleasure, not a chore. And it is in that sense then that it is an awesome device.

So should I continue to carry both a tablet as a device, and a phone as a phone? I probably won't for much longer. Whilst it maybe inconvenient and stupid looking, the iPhone 6 Plus is what I need to be able to achieve what I want.

Treating this like home

For far too long this website has been neglected, what I guess is a common theme amoungst those that have created personal websites. The days of procrastination coupled with the desire for perfection will prevent this space to become nothing more than a rat rod.

This is probably the 3rd or 4th attempt at reviving this and so any encouragement will force me to continue taking this seriously and not something I setup for failure again.

The articles I have been reading and focusing on has changed a lot since last time and so hopefully I can share some of those with you all.

Thanks and keep reading,