@aboutadirk Nice!

Hi, my name is Teye! I’m the first communication device that shows emotions. Learn more about me: http://t.co/BwEoE2tjiN #teye #denkwerk

RT @HistoricalPics: Paris, 1920s http://t.co/6Dx5F4RMNK

RT @rynmcllstr: Guy smashes through Super Mario 64 without pressing A http://t.co/JCBcVld7xW (via @KotakuAU)

RT @caseyliss: @Siracusa ahem. RT @RossCatrow: “@KSiddall: Fall looks good on ya, #RVA. http://t.co/nptQRvm0FE” /cc @caseyliss

RT @enniscath: "um, Dr Schrodinger? I opened the box and, well... we may have a problem" http://t.co/pAFcbxfrUB

Microsoft offers one-year of Office 365 Home, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Music Pass, and Skype Unlimited for $199 http://t.co/BOTVlQm0iz

I don't know what's up with #SydneyFC tonight. They are flat footed and not getting into position. I hope its the heat. Come on guys!

@reckless just wanted to say that @plante is the best thing to happen to #thevergecast since its returned. Yet I still weep for #thebesties

RT @offscreenmag: 6 hours left! Set your own price for a copy of Offscreen: http://t.co/f6lSTOr7rb

Hi, I'm Ben and I am a web developer, data analyst and online marketer. I spend most of my days working with the team at Woolworths, but in my spare time I manage a few projects.