I am a Top 4 Regular according to the EPL #FanOmeter http://t.co/S62j1qGIzL via @FoxFootball

RT @FOXFOOTBALL: Think you know EPL? Put your knowledge to the test! http://t.co/oT5107LWho

When Patients Read What Their Doctors Write - http://t.co/x0IIMI4BXc I have often wondered about this and interested in seeing mine now

RT @brad_frost: Dude likes literally everything he sees on Facebook for 2 days http://t.co/QTKW9gO7Ui His feed, especially on mobile, was d…

@smokingbunny oh great. I think that is how I first found you on twitter. I will give it a go on my mba

@smokingbunny @Polycode yeah that would be great. I'm only new to gamedev and learning with impactjs but then looking to graduate up

@smokingbunny excellent. I would really be interested in that. What would really be great is one 2d platformer and one 3d platformer

RT @Dexwell_: Best business model EVER http://t.co/X3WyLp1Q9t

Can you beat Zoi's 20 levels? https://t.co/vwOxescH1I

@siracusa So I can have the least amount of devices that covers as many bases as possible. eg. I am considering surface3 to replace ipad/mba

Hi, I'm Ben and I am a web developer, data analyst and online marketer. I spend most of my days working with the team at Woolworths, but in my spare time I manage a few projects.