Google Analytics Can Now Exclude Traffic From Known Bots And Spiders | TechCrunch

@schinckel good pick up. I saw the video but I didn't check for all the zones

This clock rotates to tell you the time anywhere in the world | The Verge

StackOverflow Update: 560M Pageviews a Month, 25 Servers, and It's All About Performance Interesting no clouds there

iTunes Is Irrelevant. Now What? I completely agree that iTunes is a disaster and I wish I could fix it.

RT @jamesahull: “@HistoricalPics: How to Screenshot in 1983.” Atari 800 FTW

RT @javawithjiva: Did you know? The collective noun for a group of programmers is a merge-conflict.

RT @c_tolkien: OH: "I've dropped so many databases today you should all call me Skrillex"

How to Choose the Right UX Metrics for Your Product I really like the thinking behind this way of assigning values

RT @tomwarren: Arsenal are projecting stuff onto water right now for their new kit

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